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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the system by which organisations direct and control their functions and relate to their communities. The fundamental principles of Corporate Governance are openness, inclusivity, integrity, accountability and effectiveness.

In order to ensure that its business is conducted in line with these principles, the Partnership has approved procedures and standing orders to regulate its internal processes.

The Governance Manual sets out the procedures that regulate the Partnership to ensure that its business is conducted with fairness, consistency and transparency. These include the delegation of specific functions to committees, sub-committees and officers, how contracts are awarded and money spent and how decisions are made.

Standing Order of the Strathclyde Partnership for Transports

These regulate the business and procedures of the Partnership, its committees and sub-committees. They also include rules governing the appointment of members, the procedures to be followed at meetings and the production of minutes.

Committee Terms of Reference

These specify the particular functions for which each committee is responsible and delegates relevant decision-making powers to committees.

Scheme of Delegated Functions

SPT has a wide range of functions and it is not feasible for all decisions regarding these functions to be taken by the whole Partnership. The Partnership has therefore delegated powers to various committees, sub-committees, the Chief Executive, Assistant Chief Executives, directors and other officers. Only a limited number of powers have been reserved to the Partnership. The scheme details what powers have been delegated and how these have to be exercised.

Financial Regulations

These regulations describe in general terms the arrangements the Partnership has made for the proper administration of its financial affairs. They deal with accounting arrangements, budgets, expenditure, income, audit and other related matters.

Standing Orders relating to Contracts

These regulate how the Partnership awards and administers contracts for the supply of goods and services and for building and other works.

The Partnership has also approved various codes of conduct, policies and guidance:

  • Code of Corporate Governance
  • Members' Code of Conduct
  • Code of Practice on Publicity
  • Anti-Fraud Strategy/Whistleblowing Policy
  • Code of Conducts for Employees; and
  • Guidance on the Register of Hospitality for Employees