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Clyde Metro

Clyde Metro aims to provide a step-change in our transport system, transforming the life opportunities of communities currently impacted by unaffordable, unreliable, and poorly connected public transport.

About Clyde Metro

Clyde Metro initially emerged as a key recommendation from Transport Scotland’s national Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 (STPR2). Published in December 2022, STPR2 outlines the Scottish Government’s national transport investment priorities for the next 20 years (2022-2042).

Clyde Metro is also included in the statutory National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4). Published in February 2023, NPF4 is the Scottish Government’s long-term spatial strategy for Scotland, with Clyde Metro being one of eighteen identified developments considered to be of national importance that will help deliver the strategy.

It also forms a key part of various regional and local strategies, including SPT’s statutory Regional Transport Strategy and Glasgow City Council’s Transport Strategy, both of which provide a strategic alignment and strong basis for delivering Clyde Metro.

Simply put, Clyde Metro is:

  • A fully integrated mass transit public transport system which could include a variety of modes.
  • A multi-billion-pound long-term investment programme likely to span decades.
  • Will be transformational in nature – in other words, more than just a transport project.
  • Will support regeneration and investment across the West of Scotland.
  • Will help tackle social exclusion by improving access to healthcare, education and employment opportunities, especially for those in underserved areas.
  • Will support people living in low car ownership areas and where dependency on public transport is higher.
  • Will provide high quality public transport links to key hubs and unserved or underserved areas.
  • Will encourage fewer car journeys, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and freeing up rail capacity for longer-distance journeys.
  • Is a combination of infrastructure / services and complementary measures.
  • Is regional in scale, extent, and impact.

The delivery of Clyde Metro is a collaborative project, with the Partners responsible for taking forward Clyde Metro being:

In November 2023 it was announced that SPT would act as the lead partner for development of the Case for Investment (CFI) for Clyde Metro.

GCC, acting as a representative for the Glasgow City Region, is supporting SPT in delivery whilst TS is acting in a Project Assurance role.


Simply put, Clyde Metro is a huge project. Consequently, several workstreams need to be developed and approved to demonstrate the need and value of delivering a project of this scale.

Undertaking this task, termed the ‘Case for Investment’ (CFI), is the primary focus for the coming months. The CFI will set out the 'Programme Level Business Case' (PBC) and arrangements for initial delivery phases.

The three project partners have begun work on the Clyde Metro CFI and will take this forward in two key stages to be completed over the next 2 years. It is anticipated to complete by January 2026.  

Once the CFI is complete, the project can then be taken forwards to future stages. Tasks would include detailed appraisal, engineering design, making the financial case for funding and ultimately the delivery of future lines or routes.

Stage 1 involves development of a Case for Change and Initial Option Generation & Development in accordance with the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG).

As part of this process an objective review of the initial network identified in the original STPR2 proposals is required. Specifically, it will review the suitability of the three identified Clyde Metro modes in the context of the current climate. The three modes include:

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Light Rail
  • Metro Rail

Alongside this it will identify a minimum of three network options taking into consideration the indicative Clyde Metro network map published in STPR2.

The outputs of the project will provide key inputs to future stages of the CFI.

  • Appraisal: to assess the costs and benefits of the Clyde Metro interventions in a manner consistent with the required transport appraisal processes.
  • Programme Business Case (PBC): to set out the evidence base for the Clyde Metro programme in a manner consistent with and to the required level of detail necessary to fulfil the needs of HM Treasury’s Green Book.
  • Supporting Workstreams: to provide inputs and evidence to the STAG and PBC processes.

When complete, the core output from the CFI Stage 2 will be a Programme Level Business Case (PBC). The PBC will subsequently enable informed decisions to be made around route selection, phasing, funding, and implementation. In other words, making Clyde Metro a reality.

Clydemetro Timeline


The CFI is currently being funded by the Glasgow City Region Deal, with funding subject to normal governance arrangements.

Funding for subsequent stages will be identified through the CFI, including potential costs of any future network. Consequently, further funding steams have not been identified at this time.

The initial CFI stages are already being progressed. The three project partners have begun work on the Clyde Metro CFI and will take this forward in two key stages to be completed over the next 2 years. It is anticipated to complete by January 2026. 

Additionally, an exercise is currently underway to establish the appropriate engagement levels and consultation needed, including work currently being undertaken to complete a stakeholder mapping exercise and agreeing timelines for engagement activity to be carried out in line with CFI stages.

A programme of engagement & consultation activity will be undertaken throughout the development of Clyde Metro CFI and will provide the opportunity for members of the public, as well as key stakeholders, to input and provide views at an early stage in the processes as proposals are developed. The first stage of public consultation will be undertaken between July and September 2024.


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