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Progressing Clyde Metro plans

Written by SPT 24/11/2023

SPT to lead development for Case for Investment.

A major step forward in the delivery of the Clyde Metro has been made today as Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitkin announced, at the State of the City Economy Conference, that Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) will lead the development of the Case For Investment (CFI) for the project.

At the same time, SPT also presented a paper to its Partnership at its Strategy and Programmes Committee outlining its preparatory workstreams in support of Clyde Metro.

The CFI is the next key stage in the development of Clyde Metro and will set out the Strategic Business Case for the project and arrangements for the initial delivery phases. It will also take forward work to improve sustainable transport access to Glasgow Airport, and longer-term plans for future phases of the Metro.

Clyde Metro brings together SPT, Glasgow City Council for Glasgow City Region, and Transport Scotland to look at a long-term integrated approach to transport infrastructure and services across the region. It will also look at urban development regeneration as part of plans to deliver wider transformation benefits to housing, place-making, sustainability, economy, environment, health and social strategies. 

SPT Chair Councillor Stephen Dornan said: 

“Clyde Metro is an opportunity to deliver a step-change in public transport in our region.  As a major transport and transformational project for the area, SPT is delighted as the Regional Transport Partnership, to lead the development of the Case for Investment working alongside our project partners. Significant work is underway already, and we look forward to making good progress into 2024.

“The development of Clyde Metro is essential to the future of public transport in our region. As set out in SPT’s Regional Transport Strategy, we want to work with partners to make the west of Scotland a well-connected place with active, liveable communities and accessible, vibrant centres facilitated by high quality, sustainable and low carbon transport shaped by the needs of all.”

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Net Zero and Just Transition, Mairi McAllan said:

“I welcome today’s announcement that Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) will lead the next stage of the project to develop the Case For Investment. This key stage will identify the Clyde Metro network and Transport Scotland look forward to continuing to work with SPT and Glasgow City Council in providing a project assurance and support role as this work is developed.

“When completed, the Clyde Metro will be transformational in improving accessibility for Glasgow and communities in the surrounding area as well as delivering environmental benefits, improving public transport and making sustainable travel options more attractive.”

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of Glasgow City Region Cabinet, said:

“Clyde Metro is the transformational, ambitious and deliverable public transport system that the Glasgow metropolitan region has been waiting for and this is a major step towards realising the huge economic, social and environmental benefits to communities across the Glasgow City Region that a modern, affordable and integrated public transport system will provide.

"The Case for Investment will nail down the practical elements necessary to determine a timetable for delivery, routes, destinations and specific modes and ensure Metro becomes something which citizens can see will be relevant to their lives and to their communities.

“Throughout this new phase, the City Council will continue to make the case for the transformational potential of Metro and the part it will play in Glasgow becoming a more inclusive, sustainable, vibrant and prosperous European city.”

Clyde Metro was a major recommendation of the second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) published by Transport Scotland in December 2022.

The CFI will be developed over the next two years starting in 2024. A dedicated programme team currently being established will take forward the Case for Investment and will liaise with the public and key stakeholders across business and industry to ensure vital input into the CFI as it develops.