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Transport minister views new Subway trains

Written by SPT 24/11/2022

Opportunity to view trains as testing continues

Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth has visited SPT’s Subway depot in Govan to view the new trains currently undergoing testing in the iconic Glasgow Subway system

This was the first opportunity for the minister to see the trains up close as they continue to undergo testing both off-site and within the Subway system each night after passenger service ends.

Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth said:

“It’s fantastic to see the new Subway trains undergoing testing. The Subway means so much to so many people who live, work in and visit Glasgow. Having seen the progress being made, I’m confident people will be delighted with the next generation of trains.

“The Scottish Government has committed to invest up to £246 million to support subway modernisation. People are already benefitting from investment in smart ticketing systems, improved station environments and we are continuing to work on significant improvements behind the scenes, including on signalling and communications which will all be controlled from the new Operational Control Centre (OCC).

“The introduction of the new trains into the system will be a significant step in the modernisation programme and I look forward to visiting again when they come into service next year.”

Transport Minister walking with SPT Chair

Transport Minister standing inside new Subway train

Seven of the 17 new trains are now in Glasgow, undergoing various stages of the strict, intensive testing regime required before the trains can be introduced to passenger service. 

The trains are undergoing initial testing at the dedicated testing track built by the Stadler Hitachi Joint Venture (JV) contracted to deliver the new trains, signalling and communication system for the Subway. The first three trains are undergoing testing in the system at night, and recently completed their first full speed, full circle test.

SPT Director of Subway Antony Smith said:

“We are very pleased with the way testing has been going. But delivering the scale of this project while remaining operational is a massive challenge.

“We are at a vitally important stage now with both train testing and signalling.  We’ve recently had the first of a number of Sunday shutdowns to enable new signalling and communications equipment to begin to be installed in the tunnels for the new trains.  The JV is confident that it remains on course to see the new trains introduced into the Subway system next year. They really are worth the wait and we look forward to seeing them in service.”

Transport Minister inside Subway cab