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Subway Sunday Closures

Written by SPT 06/01/2023

Subway Sunday closures

A series of one-day Subway closures to help facilitate the continued rollout of Subway Modernisation has been announced. 

This follows the two Sunday closures in November last year and allows our contractor teams to continue to work intensively on the efficient and safe installation of cabling and equipment within the Subway tunnels.

The planned Sunday closures starting mid-January have been scheduled for:

  • 15/01/2023
  • 22/01/2023

    *all dates subject to change

Further Sunday closures are being arranged, dates have yet to be agreed. All dates are subject to change and we will keep passengers informed via all our usual channels.

A free shuttle bus service on the Sundays of the planned closures, covering Partick to Govan, will run every 15 minutes during normal Subway operating hours for intending Subway passengers.

This additional time the closures give the Subway Joint Venture (JV), contracted to deliver the Subway modernisation programme, will progress the installation of our new signalling and communication systems for the new trains. This work involves laying cables between stations and then mounting them onto brackets within the tunnels.

The closures will also give the JV the opportunity to progress initial civil works required to strengthen our station platforms to enable the installation of Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) at a later date.

Please follow @GlaSubwayTravel on Twitter for the most up-to-date travel information.

The closures have been planned on Sundays for a number of reasons.  Sunday is always Subway’s lowest daily patronage and due to the early Sunday closure, the lowest number of staff are impacted.  However, this can obviously be impacted if there is football on a Sunday.  The dates of the planned Sunday closures have been chosen to avoid any clashes with football scheduled at Ibrox.