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SPT welcome back Golden Oldies!

Written by SPT 24/06/2024

A last look of the much loved legacy fleet.

On Friday, 21 June SPT welcomed back 22 retired Subway staff members for a final ride on the much loved legacy fleet. From station masters and train drivers to maintenance staff behind the scenes, some with service lengths of up to 40+ years, the group reunited to reminisce about their time working at SPT and working with the “new trains” back in the 1980s now our departing legacy fleet.

In attendance was Jimmy Cameron, who escorted the late Queen around the Subway when she came to visit prior to the Subway reopening to the public after the last modernisation. A story he still loves to tell, was he was so preoccupied with the Queen that the Duke of Edinburgh had to remind him to open the carriage doors at St Enoch so they could disembark!

The group got to view the legacy fleet cars for a final time before they retire, taking carriage 106 out for a final loop around the system. They also got the opportunity to travel on the new trains, some for the very first time, and compare the modernised aspects with their familiar fleet. These staff were heavily involved in the success of the legacy fleet and the service provided to many of our passengers for the last 43 years, so it was a pleasure to welcome everyone back and hear their experiences.

Chief Executive Valerie Davidson greeted the group and later said:

“Without the hard work and efforts of everyone who came before, we would not be where we are today. The Subway is a much-loved key transport mode in this city because of the many staff who were here before us. It was a pleasure to welcome everyone to the depot and hear all the stories – however the less said on that the better! The event was a small token of appreciation for all who have helped the Subway become the success it is, our thanks to them all.”