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SPT improving safety

Written by SPT 18/12/2018

SPT is stepping up safety for passengers and staff with a significant investment in body cameras for staff.

All Subway stations will now have access to body cameras, following a successful trial with supervisor staff over the last two years.

SPT Operations and Security Manager David Christie said:

“The safety of our staff is our number one priority and in circumstances where staff can find themselves in a difficult situation with a member of the public, knowing that the camera is there can help diffuse the situation.

“Staff can be confident that what is being recorded will demonstrate they are doing their job properly, and the member of the public will be aware that they will be judged by their actions so they need to behave appropriately.”

The devices can be clipped on to the staff member’s uniform and are clearly marked as CCTV cameras.  The cameras are capable of recording video and audio in high definition continuously for up to eight hours. The cameras will capture footage when they are activated by a member of staff.

The roll out follows a successful trial, where staff found that people positively changed their behaviour when informed that they were being recorded. Footage from cameras worn by staff has also been used in a number of prosecutions.

The body cameras are similar to those worn by Police Scotland and British Transport Police (BTP).

The cameras record both audio and visual, and only record when activiated by staff. They will be used for recording:

- Anti-social behaviour

- Criminal activity

- Staff abuse

BTP Inspector Michael Magee supported the move by SPT to introduce body cameras for staff.  He said:

“Introducing body worn cameras is an important step along the road in helping to ensure the safety of Subway staff and passengers alike.

“Being assaulted or verbally abused simply for doing your job is completely unacceptable. No one should ever have to feel unsafe – especially when they are at work – and these cameras will help provide us with vital evidence that can be used in successful prosecutions.

“We also know that by simply wearing a camera it can also help to deter anti-social behaviour helping to protect both staff and passengers.”