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New passenger information screens at BBS

Written by SPT 10/02/2020

New passenger information screens have been introduced to Buchanan Bus Station as part of the next phase of the refurbishment of our flagship city centre station.

The new screens are just the beginning of the new high specification electronic information facilities we will be rolling out across BBS with more passenger information screens planned later at individual stances.

Until this upgrade, the previous passenger information screens were proving problematic for many passengers who struggled to cope with the high level of light contrast, making the screens difficult to read.

As the busiest bus station in Scotland, serving around 40,000 passengers daily making their journey through the station and having up to date, easily accessible travel information is essential.


Customer service and security manager Michael Ferrie said:

“In recent years, upgrades at Partick and Govan Interchanges as well as Hamilton and Greenock bus stations have resulted in much approved passenger information screens which saw Buchanan Bus Station fall behind.  The large screens at BBS were life expired and needed to be replaced. We are delighted with these new screens which are much easier and clearer to read.

“Passengers and staff have all commented on how much of an improvement the new screens are, and we look forward to the continued roll out to upgrade bus stance information to a similar, high standard in due course.”

The most recent upgrade to the passenger information screes at Buchanan Bus Station follows the first phase of the refurbishment of the station which saw the de-cluttering of the main concourse to improve passenger flow, and the overall look and feel of the bus station.

Refurbished toilets alongside a new left luggage and security scanner facility relocated to a new site within the bus station were also part of the first phase.