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Legacy trains leave Subway service

Written by SPT 28/06/2024

Last of the old fleet terminate passenger service.

The Subway’s long-serving Metro-Cammell trains, introduced to passenger service on 16 April 1980, will today complete their last loops of both the Inner and Outer Circles. 

After more than 44 years of service, the last two trains from the last 1970s modernisation period have now terminated service. This is after completing an estimated 2.6million miles each in passenger service which is some 400,600 loops of the system.

The legacy trains were driven on their final journeys by two long serving members of staff. Julie Baker who has some 42 years’ service with SPT and Eileen MacPhail who has been with us 27 years.

SPT Chair, Councillor Stephen Dornan said:

“It is a sad day for the Subway as we say goodbye to this much-loved fleet. They have served us well for many decades. I know many of the staff, current and retired, and many passengers have been keen to come along over the last couple of weeks for one last loop round the system.”

“One of the legacy cars has made its way to the Riverside Museum so there is still an opportunity to view these train and remember it in all its glory.”

Thirty-three Metro-Cammell trains were introduced as part of the Subway’s second modernisation which started in May 1977 and resulted in a three-year shut-down of the Subway.  Eight additional centre-trailer carriages built in 1992 were later added to the trains to make all the trains three carriages long, which have been the trains in service until the introduction of the new fleet in December 2023.

The complete second modernisation programme included a massive refurbishment of all 15 stations with flank platforms introduced (two platforms, one for each circle) at six stations; the introduction of automatic ticket equipment; escalators and a travelator at Buchanan Street station; as well as a public address system.

A new control room was also established with a new signalling system, as well as a new Ramps and Turnouts section in the tunnels to allow the trains to enter the system from the Subway depot.

The Subway is currently undergoing its third modernisation of its lifetime which has seen new smart ticketing introduced; a refurb of all 15 stations on the network; new rolling stock with a new signalling and communication system alongside a new state-of-the-art control room all being introduced.