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Larkhall Volunteer Group benefits from SPT grant funding

Written by 23/08/2019

A South Lanarkshire based community transport project which provides transport services for various community groups in the area has been awarded more than £46,400 SPT grant funding.

The Larkhall & District Volunteer Group (LDVG) provides a range of services in its local community designed to reduce physical and social isolation and encourage service users to remain active and healthy.

The Group provides transport across the community so users can access various services and activities such as transporting older people to their lunch clubs and providing access to education services for children in the travelling community.  This year they will also launch a volunteer car scheme to access medical appointments, and the organisation is seeking to continue a pilot scheme to operate a shopping bus service for those living in a particularly derived area of Larkhall.

The £46,456 funding from SPT will be used to cover the running costs of the transport service during 2019/20.

SPT Chair Councillor Dr Martin Bartos said:

“Community transport plays an essential role for many living in some of our most deprived and disadvantaged areas.  By meeting the needs of users so they can get out and about to their clubs and societies, community transport ensures people stay connected to their communities reducing feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

“LDVG carries out vital work in the community and SPT is very proud to support its efforts through this grant funding.  The wealth of groups and people LDVG helps is wide and varied whether it be ensuring older members get to their lunch club and home again, to ensuring access to NHS appointments or helping children in the travelling community access educational services, they do tremendous work.”

LDVG charity manager Sandra McCrory said:

“This funding from SPT will be used to support the running costs of LDVG over the next year. We hope to be able to continue some of our pilot projects such as the shopping bus for older residents which was highlighted as a priority for the Strutherhill & Birkenshaw area.  We will be considering ways to continue this shopping service to meet the needs of the wider community.

“Services such as these are key to achieving our group’s overall strategic aims, which are, to improve the health and wellbeing of the community by reducing physical and social isolation through use of our community transport fleet.  We do this by ensuring those in our community can access hard to reach venues and offer variety to their week which increases their sense of community and connection to those around them.”

Pics: SPT Chair Councillor Dr Martin Bartos meeting staff, volunteers and users of the Larkhall & District Volunteer Group.