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Inspiring change - Climate Week 2017

Written by SPT 20/09/2017

SPT is getting behind Climate Week 2017, a national initiative designed to raise awareness and inspire action on climate change.

The Week takes place from 18 to 22 September, with organisations from across Scotland taking part.

SPT is committed to reducing our carbon use in all we do. That’s why we’ve adopted the target of reducing our carbon footprint by 35 per cent by 2024/25 based on 2008/09 levels.  In short “35 by 25”.

SPT has made good progress from 2008/09 to 2015/16, reducing our carbon use by 18.8 per cent through initiatives such as:

  • Utilising solar power and voltage optimisation at Buchanan Bus Station
  • A LED lighting upgrade on the Subway
  • Ground source heat pump at Broomloan depot (providing up to 40 per cent of the heating load of the staff messing facility)
  • Air and water source heat exchange installation at Subway stations (concept developed and delivered through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Rolling out a managed print service in SPT offices to reduce unnecessary printing
  • An IT software upgrade to reduce out of hours consumption on computers, and more efficient servers, including virtual servers
  • Utilising technology to reduce business travel, for example, through more teleconferencing
  • Diverting waste from landfill by increasing recycling rates
  • Introduction of LED lighting and energy efficient heating boilers and controls at SPT head office, 131 St Vincent Street
  • Introducing lighting controls at Shields Road Park & Ride
  • Limiting heat loss and installing energy efficient heaters at Broomloan depot
  • Investing in a lighting upgrade programme at Buchanan Bus Station

Through the new SPT Carbon Management Plan 2025, and in pursuit of “35 by 25”, we will continue to build on our earlier good work through:

  • Continued roll out of energy efficient lighting across our operations
  • New, more efficient rolling stock, signalling and control systems
  • A review of Subway Substations and a rolling programme of replacement/renewal with modern, more efficient parts/equipment
  • Upgrade, renewal or replacement of tunnel lining, rails, and pumping stations
  • Further energy efficiency improvements at Buchanan Bus Station (including new electrical distribution board, supporting infrastructure and smart metering)
  • Broomloan depot improvements(including new electrical distribution board and supporting infrastructure)
  • In general a roll out of smart metering across SPT operations to allow more intelligent interrogation and detailed measurement of consumption to allow more directly targeted improvements
  • Refreshing our staff initiative, “Second Nature”, emphasising the importance of and opportunities for carbon reduction.

You can view the SPT Carbon Management Plan 2025 at:

During Climate Week, a range of activities and events across the country aims to highlight the importance of reducing emissions and adapting to a changing climate.  The objective is to engage and inspire, by involving people across the country in a range of activities.

Last year, 69 organisations took part in the initiative with events such as sustainable and active travel events; delivering presentations or walking tours of key climate policies, projects and plans; hosting joint events with other public bodies; conferences; sustainable lunches; film screenings.

For more information on Climate Week, visit: