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ZoneCard Goes Smart

ZoneCard is now smart!

You can now register an online ZoneCard account and load ZoneCard tickets onto a Smartcard. Paper Zonecard tickets are no longer on sale.

Information on this page relates to the existing paper ZoneCards which are no longer on sale but can still be used until their printed expiry date.

If you have an existing 10-week or annual paper ZoneCard ticket we can transfer it onto a smartcard - simply email [email protected] to find out more.

ZoneCard map

The map on this page relates to paper ZoneCard tickets which remain in use while valid, but are no longer on sale.

Zonecard Map 2020


View our list of ZoneCard travel operators for rail, bus and ferry

Conditions of Purchase

Please see conditions of purchase prior to buying your ticket.

Employer Accounts

SPT offers Employer Accounts for the purchase of annual ZoneCards. (Please note shorter validity ZoneCards are not eligible for this scheme).

This enables employers to purchase annual ZoneCards on behalf of their staff, to be repaid through agreed salary deductions (not salary sacrifice).

If you are interested in this, please speak to your employer in the first instance. To discuss Employer Accounts, your Employer should contact [email protected]


Please see conditions of purchase prior to buying your ticket.

We cannot give a refund or replacement for a lost or stolen ZoneCard, therefore insurance is recommended.

If you no longer require your ZoneCard, we can refund the remaining validity – please note we can only provide a refund for remaining whole weeks from the point that you contact us and provide the information described below. Refunds will be subject to an administration charge of £3.00.

Please note no refunds are given on weekly tickets.

Please also note the ZoneCard conditions of purchase.

Please do not post in your ticket for a refund, instead you should follow the steps below.

  1. Take a picture of your valid ZoneCard ticket in its current state where both parts are clearly visible (the upper photocard part, and the lower travel portion). We must be able to see the photo I.D. reference number in both parts of your ZoneCard ticket.
  2. Now take a picture of the travel portion of your ticket (the lower part) after it has been destroyed. You can cut your ticket into smaller pieces thus rendering it void.
  3. Please send these “before and after” pictures to the following email address: [email protected]
  4. Please include your Sort Code and Account number in your email as you will now receive your refund through a BACS transfer to your bank account. 

**Please double check that your bank account details are correct.**

Please also include your name and address and a short statement as to why you are requesting a refund.

For refunds relating to annual ZoneCard tickets, you may be asked to supply a copy of photo ID (such as a driving licence or passport) to verify your identity.

If your ticket was purchased as part of a salary sacrifice arrangement please let us know, as the refund must be paid back to your employer.

Tickets must have full weeks left in order to receive a refund. Please note the ZoneCard week is from Sunday to Saturday.

If your query relates to a ScotRail season ticket please contact ScotRail directly here:

We're here to help with any enquiries you might have on new or existing ZoneCards.