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Smart ZoneCard FAQs

If you have any questions, please see our frequently asked questions section below for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ZoneCard is a flexible ticket for travel by ScotRail, Subway and most buses in the Strathclyde region.

Using a Smartcard allows you to travel across Subway, rail and bus with just one card. Simply load your ZoneCard ticket on to any eligible Smartcard and use it like a regular Smartcard on any eligible operators’ services.

No - customers can choose to purchase a ZoneCard smartcard (from or can load ZoneCard tickets onto other compatible smartcards (ScotRail, Subway, McGills, Stagecoach and National Entitlement Cards).

If you want to purchase a ZoneCard branded smartcard you can do so through your account at

The first 1,000 cards will cost £2.50 after which the price will increase to £5.00.

You can purchase a ZoneCard ticket online at or at any Payzone store across the Zonecard area.

Please note to purchase at Payzone you will need to have a suitable smartcard already. 

Find your nearest Payzone store at

You can purchase a ZoneCard ticket at any Payzone store across the ZoneCard area. Please note to purchase at Payzone you will need to have a suitable smartcard already (this includes National Entitlement Cards and Subway, ScotRail, McGills and Stagecoach cards). 

If you buy your ZoneCard ticket at Payzone it will be loaded directly onto your smartcard.

If you buy your ZoneCard ticket online you can load it to your smartcard using the Collector function of the ZoneCard mobile app, or you can load it when next travelling on bus, rail or Subway.

For rail and Subway, at least four hours.

For bus, at least overnight.

Not at present, tickets purchased on a mobile device must be loaded on to a valid Smartcard.

Simply place your smartcard on the reader when boarding the bus and state your destination to the driver.

Simply tap your Smartcard at the ticket gates or platform validator. You should tap your card at the start and end of each journey.

Simply place your Smartcard on the orange reader to open the ticket gate.

If you have a 10-week or annual ZoneCard ticket please email [email protected] to request this, including a photo of your existing ZoneCard.

You can report a lost ZoneCard smartcard in your account at and order a replacement. This will also transfer over any balance of live tickets.

If you lose another type of smartcard (e.g. ScotRail) you should contact the card issuer in the first instance.

For support regarding ZoneCards, please contact [email protected].

Unfortunately, no you cannot use a ZoneCard on any ferry operators.

If you no longer require your ZoneCard ticket, we can refund the remaining validity. Please note we can only provide a refund for any remaining whole weeks from the point that you contact us. Refunds will be subject to an administration charge of £10.00.

ZoneCard allows travel on rail, Subway and multiple bus operators. The price of a ZoneCard ticket is more expensive than buying an equivalent ticket for one operator but is intended to be less expensive than buying two or more separate operator tickets for travel across a Zone or Zones.

Unfortunately in some circumstances, we understand that for some customers who previously used ZoneCard for their commute across a clearly defined area, the additional value added from larger zones may not be relevant. In these instances, we are happy to help customers search for a more affordable alternative that meets their travel needs. Please email  [email protected].

If you have any questions or would like to know more about ZoneCard you can get in contact with the team directly at: 

Email us at [email protected].

Call us on 0141 333 3758.
(lines are open Monday - Friday 09:30-15:30)