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Strathclyde Regional Bus Strategy Partick interchange

Strathclyde Regional Bus Strategy

Bus is the most frequently and widely used form of public transport in the west of Scotland. Everyday, the bus network helps connect us to school, work, shops, services and our family and friends. Bus also plays a role in tackling big problems like climate change, inequality and social isolation.

However, bus use has been falling for a long time. Fewer people use a bus to travel and bus services are less frequent than 10 years ago. Many people and communities have told SPT that they want better bus services.

The Strathclyde Regional Bus Strategy is SPT’s process to improve the bus network. Here, you can learn about our process and the ways you can participate in it to help shape the future of bus in the region.

What’s been done so far?

SPT reported on our Case for Change to our Partnership Board in September 2023. The Case for Change consolidates and updates our evidence base of bus-related issues in the region, drawing upon work already carried out for our Regional Transport Strategy as well as further analysis and engagement with local authorities and bus operators during August and September 2023.

Bus Stop West Geroge Street

What’s happening right now?

SPT is working with our consultants to consider different ways of delivering an improved bus network for the west of Scotland. This includes looking at new models now available to Local Transport Authorities in Scotland, including SPT, for franchising, directly operating bus services and partnerships. We will report on the findings of this work at our SPT Partnership Board meeting in March 2024.

What’s happening next?

We will consult partners, elected officials, industry stakeholders, businesses and residents after reporting our recommendations to our Partnership Board in March 2024. Information will be available from late March 2024 about this consultation and how you can participate in it. Follow @SPTCorporate to be kept up to date.

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How are equality impacts being considered?

SPT, supported by consultants Systra and Stantec, are carrying out the following impact assessments:

  • Equality Impact Assessment
  • Fairer Scotland Duty Impact Assessment
  • Island Community Impact Assessment
  • Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

We will publish and consult on our Interim Impact Assessments in 2024.

Where can I find out more information?

This webpage will be updated from time to time. 

More information about the SRBS process can be found through our committee papers.

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