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Subway to trial 5G project

Written by SPT 12/03/2020

SPT has announced plans to trial a 5G project to install 5G signalling within the Subway tunnels.

The trial is part of a collaborative agreement signed between SPT and key partners Cisco, the University of Strathclyde and the South Korean Transport Agency.  The project is being part-funded by the UK Government Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and industry partners.

The pilot will test the viability and practical operation of 5G within a section of the Subway tunnel between Buchanan Street and St Enoch.

SPT Chair Councillor Dr Martin Bartos said:

“I am delighted SPT is taking part in this international collaborative project which if successful could have significant operational benefits to SPT and contribute to a better passenger experience in future.

“The proposal is to test a 5G signal in a tunnel environment and look at the viability of running 5G in a tunnel network despite our Victorian infrastructure and the restraints of our system.  The collaborative nature of this project is key and we will be sharing results with other underground networks where and when appropriate.”

Cisco Scotland Country Manager Paul Kavanagh added:

“We’re delighted to be working with SPT and Glasgow Subway on this 5G project.  We believe that it will help to provide a better understanding of its operational benefits in this type of environment, which we anticipate will be of great interest to other Subway and Underground systems across the world.”

Glasgow Subway is the first Subway to test the viability and practical operation of 5G within a subterranean system.  The trail is expected to last 18 months and results will be shared with other underground networks where appropriate.