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Subway Suspension Update

Written by SPT 21/07/2016

The contractor working on the essential renewal works of Glasgow Subway has now advised SPT that it requires extra time to complete the works.

Despite assurances, Colas Rail has now confirmed that due to a number of issues they will not be able to hand back the system at the agreed time. We are working with the contractor to identify a new return to service date which they have estimated to be about two weeks later than expected.

Acknowledging the extent of the work involved, SPT Assistant Chief Executive (Operations) Eric Stewart said:

“This is the most significant engineering aspect of the whole modernisation programme which is being built to last for another 40 years.

“This is a regrettable position and we are working with the contractor to pull back some of this lost time, as we endeavour to minimise any further disruption to our passengers.

“We apologise to all our passengers for this inconvenience.”

View the recent works in our video.