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Redevelopment of Partick Interchange Bus Station

Written by SPT 12/09/2017

Work to begin 16 October.

Work on the redevelopment of Partick Bus Station will begin on Monday 16 October, with the bus station closed for approximately nine months, with works expected to be complete by Summer 2018.

The comprehensive work will include an increase to the number of bus stances which are badly needed to meet the growing number of passengers using the station. Preliminary works in advance of the main works will begin at the station shortly.

The new bus stances will be accompanied by improved waiting areas for passengers with integrated lighting, CCTV, seating and Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) available for passengers.

The new design will allow a much better flow of traffic through the Interchange, segregating bus operations away from other vehicles, and separating pedestrians away from the bus manouvering area.

SPT chief executive Gordon Maclennan said:

“Partick Interchange is a major connecting hub for journeys across Strathclyde and beyond. Passengers using Rail, Subway and Bus facilities have increased considerably over the last couple of years with the Glasgow Harbour and Clyde waterfront development, as well as the opening of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

“The development of a new bus station is vital for future growth and to deliver improved access to employment, education, retail and leisure as well as act as a catalyst to wider regional economic development.”

Serving one of Scotland’s busiest and most densely populated districts, Partick Bus Station has become part of a vital multi modal transportation hub for West Glasgow integrating bus, rail and subway with national cycle and local footpath networks.

It is a major connecting hub for journeys across Strathclyde and beyond. The interchange facility is used by approximately 2.8 million rail passengers and just under 1 million subway passengers per year. The bus station patronage has experienced significant increase in recent years with up to 42 westbound bus services per hour using Partick at peak times.

SPT chair Martin Bartos added:

“SPT has made significant investment in recent years on major improvements to the rail and subway elements of Partick Interchange, and we now need to ensure that the bus area is of a similar high standard, with much improved facilities for all passengers.”

During the construction works, temporary arrangements for bus services and bus stops will be made available on Dumbarton Road. This work is being planned and managed in conjunction with GCC to minimise the disruption to other road users, local residents and the significant number of passengers who currently make use of the bus station.