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Improving SPT recycling and waste management

Written by SPT 19/01/2018

SPT has appointed a new contractor to deal with all its main waste management services.  William Tracey will now deal with the majority of SPT waste management solutions, bar confidential waste.

Previously we had a number of contractors in place to uplift general waste such as food, recyclables and glass; confidential waste; fluorescent lamps and white goods; contaminated and liquid waste; as well as plastics and wood.

This has been consolidated under one new contract which now calls for a more flexible approach to SPT’s evolving waste management requirements and seeks to establish best value for SPT.

In this new contract, our overall aim and objective is:

·Ensure waste is disposed of with Zero waste to landfill

·Adopt a flexible and innovative approach to waste management

·Consolidate the number of waste contractors to maximise best value for SPT

The William Tracey Group is one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies with a full range of environmental services. The range of services offered by the group is very comprehensive its integrated approach we believe will prove to be the most effective, efficient and sustainable approach to recycling and resource management.

Assistant chief executive (operations) Eric Stewart said:

“SPT has achieved a lot over the last few years with regards to improving recycling our waste with central points across all our offices, bus and Subway stations."

“This new contract with William Tracey will build on this work over the next three years with new initiatives and solutions to waste management.”