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Historic signing of new train contract

Written by SPT 09/03/2016

SPT has officially signed the contracts with Stadler Bussnang AG / Ansaldo STS Consortium for the supply of new trains, signalling and equipment, valued at £200 million.

The once in a lifetime event brought together key staff from SPT and the Consortium to mark the completion of negotiations and the start of work to begin to deliver all the elements of the contract.

This will deliver 17 bespoke new train sets the same length and size as existing rolling stock to fit the unique size of the Subway but will now be a four-car set, as opposed to the current three-car set, with open gangways to maximise the space available and allow for wheelchair access.

The Subway’s signalling equipment, control systems and control centre will all be replaced to accommodate the new Subway trains and enable improved availability and reliability.

The system will also include new platform screen doors, which will be ‘half height’ to preserve as much space and openness within the stations as possible while still maintaining passenger safety and security.

This is the third upgrade for the Subway in its lifetime. Once this modernisation programme is fully implemented it will be one of the most modern and advanced underground systems in operation anywhere continuing that heritage for future generations.