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Changes to Subway fares

Written by 29/12/2023

First increase since 2019

Subway fares are set to increase in the new year by 5p for an adult Single journey (making it £1.60 using a Smartcard and £1.80 for a single-use ticket) and by 10p for an adult Return or Daily fare.

Adult Subway Season tickets also see a slight increase with an adult seven-day ticket now £13.50 when bought online or £14.50 when bought in stations. The 28-day season ticket increases £2 to £52 online or £56 in station; the six-month ticket increases £5 to £260 online or £275 in station; and the adult annual ticket increases £5 to £470 online or £490 in station.

Prices for Child Subway season tickets are unchanged, starting from as little as £6.50 for a seven-day ticket bought online.

Passengers using Subway Pay-As-You-Go credit on a Smartcard continue to get the best prices available, including all-day travel for a capped price of £3.10.

This is the first increase in Subway fares since 2019 and for most passengers the increase will be around 3%.

Park and Ride (including return Subway travel) increases from £5.70 currently to £7.70 in the new year.

Short-term parking for 30mins will increase from 60p to £1; parking for one hour will increase £1.20 to £2; and for two hours from £2.70 to £3.

The Parking Only 28-day season ticket will no longer be available as SPT focusses on Park-and-ride customers in support of our strategic objectives around sustainable travel.

The price increases come into effect from Tuesday 2 January 2024.

All increases were approved by the SPT Partnership Board.