Tickets: Subway Smartcard

Travelling the Subway network with a Smartcard is a fast track way to an easy life. You can store your Subway tickets (as well as ScotRail and some bus tickets), and you’ll get access to the best Subway ticket prices! Plus, you’ll have the option to buy your Subway tickets online in advance and access our best value season tickets up to one year in length. It’s completely FREE and simple to use. Register today and your card will be sent out to you.

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    • No more queuing – Top up your pay as you go (PAYG) credit or load your season ticket online at mybramble before you reach the station, then you can breeze on by. It’s that simple.
    • The best value – Travelling with a Smartcard means you’ll always receive the best ticket prices, guaranteed. You’ll never overspend on travel again. Use our Smart savings calculator to find out how much you could save.
    • Switch it up – If you travel by Subway, train or bus you can also add your ScotRail ticket, Tripper day ticket, McGill’s day or week tickets and some Stagecoach tickets onto your Subway Smartcard. One journey, one card.
    • Your choice of travel – Want to travel by season ticket one month and PAYG the next? Smartcard can do it all.
    • Never lose your ticket – Forget the panic that sets in when you lose your ticket. Registering for a Subway Smartcard means we can reinstate your previous balance or season ticket if you lose your Smartcard.
    • Online top-up – Top up your Smartcard online, manage your account and check your journey history. Anywhere, anytime.
    • Get something back – Our Smartcard loyalty scheme, The Upper Circle, gives you access to a variety of discounts and offers around Glasgow.

Get started

1.Register for a Smartcard

Register for your Smartcard, making sure to upload a photo once you’ve filled in your registration form. Your new Smartcard will be sent out in the post within ten working days.

2. How do I use it

Once you receive your new Smartcard, login to your online account at mybramble and top up; choose from adding PAYG credit onto your card or buying a season ticket. You can still top up in station too, either at our ticket machines or ticket offices, but why wait?

Season tickets can be purchased up to 29 days in advance and are always cheapest when purchased online. The 10 week ticket is great value and exclusively available online!

3. Using the Smart barrier

Once you have purchased PAYG credit or a season ticket, simply place your Smartcard on the orange reader to open the ticket barrier.

4. Other Smartcards

You can also buy a Subway Smartcard in any Subway station, for £3. You can buy Subway season tickets up to 28 days in length for this card, but you won’t be able to buy Subway tickets online. If you lose this card, we won’t be able to replace any tickets you had on it.

If you already have a Smartcard from another transport operator, you can add your Subway tickets (PAYG credit and season tickets up to 28 days). This includes the following cards:

  • ScotRail;
  • McGill’s;
  • Stagecoach;
  • Tripper; and
  • National Entitlement Card/Saltirecard.

Smart extras

Smart Season Tickets
Travelling regularly on the Subway or using our Park and Ride facilities? A season ticket could be right for you! With brilliant discounts on 7 day, 28 day, 10 week, 6 or 12 month season tickets, you’ll make some big savings compared to buying a paper ticket every day. Plus, no more queuing at the ticket office every day, now you can just breeze on by.

Smart Park & Ride
Smartcard holders can access exclusive pay as you go parking rates too. Choose to park from 30 minutes to a whole day and save money when you park with a Smartcard. We have three convenient Park and Ride locations to choose from; Kelvinbridge, Bridge Street and Shields Road.


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