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Parking is available at Bridge Street, Kelvinbridge, and Shields Road Subway stations. It costs £5 per day or £2.40 if you have already bought a Subway season or multi-journey ticket. Regular users can buy a car park season ticket for as little as £50 for four weeks. Car parking is available during Subway opening hours. See also Park & Ride in the SPT area.

Station Spaces
Bridge Street 159
Kelvinbridge 150
Shields Road 800

1. Why should I use SPT’s park and ride sites?

There are many reasons why you should use our park and ride sites.

  • Value for money – Park and Ride for only £5 per day
  • Convenience – Located only mins from the City Centre and other venues
  • Location – Close to major motorway networks – M8, M77 & M74
  • Service – Professional and friendly

2. At the car park, what should I do?

Please take a ticket from the entrance barrier and park your car in a space. Go to the station office and ask for a park and ride ticket. Our station staff will validate your car park ticket for exit and give you a return journey subway ticket. On exit, please insert your car park ticket into the exit barrier.

3. Do I have to use the subway to park my car at your sites?

No. However, the cost of doing so remains the same as a Park and Ride ticket: £5.

4. I have a blue disabled parking permit. Where should I park?

We have disabled parking bays at each of our park & ride sites. Please find these located close to the Subway Station entrance at Kelvinbridge and Bridge Street and at the far end of the ground level of the multi-storey car park at Shields Road.

5. How can I pay for my park and ride ticket?

Payments are accepted in cash or credit and debit card.

6. What security accreditations do your sites have?

All our sites are covered by the Parkmark Safer Parking Award. This award is accredited to car parks once they have been fully vetted by the Police and have the security measures in place to order to create the safest parking environment possible.

7. What is an SPT car park season ticket?

If you park regularly at one of our car parks – Shields Road, Bridge Street or Kelvinbridge – then purchasing a car park season ticket can save you money. They can be purchased for 4 weeks, 12 weeks or 24 weeks. They allow you unlimited entry and exit from all three car parks during opening hours. The price does not include the cost of a subway ticket.

Period of time Price
4 Weekly £50
12 Weekly £135
24 Weekly £255

8. After purchase, how do I get my season ticket?

On purchasing a season ticket through our website, you will be asked to confirm at what station office you would like to pick-up your season ticket. On selection of your chosen station office, your season ticket will be available no earlier than 48 hours after your date of purchase. Please take your booking confirmation that is sent to your email address so that station office staff can verify your identity and give you your season ticket.

9. When can my season ticket start?

Your season ticket can start no earlier than 48 hours after the date of purchase. This allows us time to process your order and make it available for pick up at your chosen subway station office.

10. How can I pay for my season ticket?

Season tickets can be topped up in cash at our pay stations throughout the car parks.

11. How can I contact SPT about my parking season ticket?

Email or write to us at the address below:

Consort House
12 West George Street
G2 1HN

Finally, the station office staff at our car parks are also more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

12. What are the standard season ticket terms & conditions?

Car park terms & conditions coming soon.

13. What should I do if my season ticket doesn’t work?

Please immediately notify staff at the station office where you picked up your season ticket. They will try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible so as to cause you minimal inconvenience.

14. Can I use my SPT car park season ticket at any park and ride site?

Yes, your season ticket can be used for Shields Road, Kelvinbridge and Bridge Street car park.

15. What happens if I lose my season ticket?

Please immediately notify staff at your nearest park and ride station office. They will try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible so as to cause you minimal inconvenience.

16. Can I change my season tickets start date?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the start date of your season ticket once you’ve purchased it or started using it.

17. How do I renew my season ticket?

The easiest method to renew your season ticket is to top it up in cash at one of our pay stations throughout the car parks.

18. How do I cancel my season ticket?

No cancellations are offered to customers.

19. When are car park season tickets valid for?

Car park season tickets can be used 7 days per week within opening hours.

20. When are the car parks open?

The car parks are open when the Subway stations are open.

21. Why do you need my email address and contact details?

We require your email address so that we can send you a booking confirmation. It is important that you take this booking confirmation with you to the station office when you go to pick-up your season ticket. We ask for contact details so that we can verify your identity in the unlikely scenario that we have problems.

22. How to I obtain a VAT receipt?

Please use your booking confirmation as proof of a VAT receipt for your car park season ticket.