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The Subway Smartcard is here

We’ve replaced paper tickets with a Smartcard which allows Subway tickets to be stored and read electronically. Smartcards are easy to use and offer great value. The Subway Smartcard is FREE and unique to you once you register.

Register online now and you will be entered into a prize draw to WIN a 28 Day Season ticket. One adult and one child winner every month!

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Smart benefits

  • Flexible – store pay as you go credit to use when you need and you'll be given the best Subway travel deal of the day.
  • Reusable – keep topping up with credit and you can use your card as many times as you like.
  • Convenient – Smartcard season tickets can be renewed at any Subway Station or Subway ticket machine whenever you want.
  • Quicker – with less queues in stations, you will be able to zip round the Subway faster than ever.
  • Safer – if you lose your registered card, your details (and any remaining value) can be transferred on to a new one.

How it works


1Apply for your Smartcard

Just fill in the online application form and don’t forget to upload a passport sized photo. Your new card will be posted to you within 10 working days.

You can begin using your card as soon as you like. To put money on to your card and access any of our great range of multi-trip ticket products, just take your card to your nearest Subway Station.


2Top up credit

Each station has a Smartcard ticket vending machine which will enable you to load up travel on to your card. Season tickets will start whenever you choose (up to a maximum of 28 days) and you can top up credit at our Smart ticket machines or Subway ticket offices. Our staff are also on hand to help.

Ticket barrier

3 Tap the orange sensor at a smart gate

When using your card for the first time to travel on the Subway, place it on the orange card reader panel at station entrance gates. Wait until the light turns to green and the gate will open automatically. You will need to follow the same process to exit a station.

Enjoy your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Subway Smartcard?

It is a plastic smartcard – a form of electronic ticket, with an embedded microchip that stores your travel information.

There are two types of Smartcard these being disposable and re-usable.

Disposable Smartcards are most likely to suit infrequent travellers and can be loaded with single, return and all-day tickets (for adults or children). Once they have been used they cannot be re-loaded and must be disposed of.

Re-usable Smartcards suit regular travellers and can be loaded with 7 and 28-day season tickets, as well as ‘pay-as-you-go’ travel. Re-usable Smartcards can be topped up or re-loaded many times. They offer a wider range of ticket types, the best value fares and a ‘day cap’. This means that once you reach the capping limit when using PAYG, all subsequent journeys that day are free.


Is there a charge for a Smartcard?

Re-usable Smartcards are free when you register online and can be personalised too. However, Smartcards purchased from a ticket office or machine incur a £3 charge.

The cost of a disposable Smartcard is included in the ticket price.

Re-usable Smartcards are free when you register online and can be personalised too.

The quickest and easiest way to get your FREE Smartcard is by registering online. If you would like some help with the online registration process or if you would like to talk to someone about Smart before signing up, there will be a registration desk on set days at set stations over the next few months.

You will find the registrations desk:

Tuesday – Buchanan Street – 9am to 2pm
Wednesday – Buchanan Street – 9am to 2pm
Thursday – Hillhead – 9am to 2pm
Friday – Hillhead – 9am to 2pm

If you purchase a non-registered Smartcard from a ticket office or machine you will incur a £3 charge.

Can I purchase tickets with a cheque?

Yes. You are able to purchase tickets using cheques at any of our ticket offices or travel centres.

How soon will I receive my Smartcard?

Once we receive your application your new Smartcard will be posted out to you within 10 working days.

When can I use it?

You can begin to use your Smartcard right away but don’t forget to top up with credit or load ticket products at any your nearest Subway station.

How long will my top-up last?

There is no expiry date on top-up credits.

Can I top-up by credit or debit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards. The minimum transaction is £5, otherwise a transaction fee of £0.50 will be charged.

What is Bramble?

Bramble is the juicy technology inside our Smartcard.

What about my Zonecard – what happens when I renew?

You can renew your Zonecard in the same way as you do now at Travel Centres. The only difference is that your new Zonecard wallet will have a Subway Smartcard sealed inside it. You will continue to present it at the Subway station office for validation each time you renew it. Just hold your card on the reader at the gate and the system will check its validity and open the gates. N.B please do not remove the Smartcard at any time. This will breach the conditions of use and may lead to your ZoneCard being retained by ticket inspection staff.

For any Zonecard enquiries please visit your local Travel Centre or email enquiry@spt.co.uk.

What about under-16s?

Children under 16 apply for their very own Smartcard too. Proof of age will have to be provided before your application for a Child Subway Smartcard will be approved. We will accept a birth certificate, passport, Young Scot or Kidz Card as proof of entitlement. You can provide this in person at St Enoch or Buchanan Bus Station Travel Centres. Alternatively, you can email a scanned image of proof of entitlement to smart@spt.co.uk Your Smartcard will then be posted directly to your home.

What about under-5s?

Children under five travel for free when accompanied by an adult.

What if I want to change my details or cancel my card?

No problem. Just call our Smartcard information number on 0845 271 0944 anytime between 0830-1645 Monday to Friday.

I already have a season ticket, can I swap it for a Smartcard?

No, you will need to switch to a reusable Smartcard when your existing pass expires.

Can I use my Smartcard on other modes of transport?

It is not transferrable at the moment but we are working with other transport operators on a solution. It is SPT’s aspiration to make all public transport in Strathclyde as seamless as possible.

I have a concession card – how will this work in the new system?

Your National Entitlement Card (NEC) is also a Smartcard that you may already be using on buses. We are working with Transport Scotland towards enabling you to also use your NEC on the Subway. In future, you should be able to use your NEC to load value and season products for Subway travel and for parking, but in the meantime simply continue to present your card to ticket office staff and you will be issued with a single or return ticket at the applicable rate.

What happens if I lose my Smartcard?

Don’t worry. We can stop your Smartcard instantly to prevent anyone else using it and we will send you a replacement for a small fee with your existing tickets already available so you don’t lose out. Call us on 0845 271 0944, 0830-1645 Monday to Friday.

How do I contact SPT about my Smartcard?

Email us here: smart@spt.co.uk

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