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Daytripper ticket

Please note the Daytripper ticket has been withdrawn from use as of 31st December 2021. Daytripper tickets are no longer on sale, can no longer be used for travel after this date. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Roundabout ticket

Find out more about our Roundabout tickets for one-day unlimited rail and Subway travel in the Greater Glasgow area.


• Daytripper was a multi-operator, multi-modal public transport ticket.
• Daytripper was a voluntary ticketing arrangement, administered on behalf of the participating operators by SPT.

• The final day of the Daytripper Ticketing Arrangement will be Friday 31 December 2021;
• The final day customers will be able to use a Daytripper ticket for travel will be Friday 31 December 2021;
• The final day customers will be able to buy a Daytripper ticket will be Friday 29 October 2021. Some locations may stop selling Daytripper tickets earlier than that date.

• Demand for the Daytripper ticket has been in decline for a long time;
• Daytripper ticket revenue reduced by half in the five years to 2019/20. Please note this was before the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020;
• From January 2022, everyone under the age of 22 will benefit from free bus travel across Scotland – see . This will further reduce demand for the Daytripper ticket (which is specifically aimed at groups comprising both adults and children);
• The format of the Daytripper ticket (paper ticket with scratchcard panels) is outdated and does not work on rail ticket gates, Subway ticket gates, or bus ticket machines;
• As a result of the above, the majority of participating operators and SPT have concluded that Daytripper is no longer viable, and that there are good alternative options available for customers.

• If you have an unused Daytripper ticket (dated for 2019-2021), you can still use it up until Friday 31 December 2021;
• If you are unable to use your Daytripper ticket, you can apply for a refund by emailing with the email subject “Daytripper refund” and providing the following information:
o Your name;
o Where and when you bought your Daytripper ticket;
o A photo of your unused ticket;
o A second photo of the ticket showing it cut into pieces. This is required so that we know the ticket will definitely not be used for travel.
• Any refund will be for the purchase price of the ticket.
• All refund requests should be submitted by 14 January 2022, and SPT will aim to process all refunds within 28 days.

• This will depend on your specific requirements. Please email and our team will be pleased to help.

• Please email your question to