Travelcards: Subway Smartcard: Help

We want to make the process of using the Subway Smartcard as simple as possible. If you have any other issues than the ones listed below, then please get touch with us.

Telephone: 0845 271 0944 or 0141 333 3504
Office hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 – 16:45

Please note: calls to 0845 numbers will be charged at 2p per min (inc VAT) plus your telecoms providers access charge.

Getting started

What is a Subway Smartcard?

It is a plastic smartcard – a form of electronic ticket, with an embedded microchip that stores your travel information. Smartcards are re-usable and can be loaded with season tickets, as well as pay as you go credit. The Subway Smartcard will always give you the best value fares and a ‘day cap’. This means that once you reach the capping limit when using PAYG, all subsequent journeys that day are free.

Is there a charge for a Smartcard?

Smartcards are free when you register online and will be personalised too. However, Smartcards purchased from a ticket office or machine incur a £3 charge.

How soon will I receive my Smartcard?

Once we receive your application your new Smartcard will be posted out to you within 10 working days.

When can I use it?

You can begin to use your Smartcard right away but don’t forget to top up with credit or load ticket products at your nearest Subway station or Payzone Outlet.

What about under-16s?

Children under 16 can apply for their own Smartcard. Proof of age must be provided – a birth certificate, passport, or Young Scot Card can be used. You can email a scanned copy of your proof of age to or show a copy to ticket office staff at St. Enoch Subway Station. Your Smartcard will then be posted to you.

What about under-5s?

Children under five travel for free when accompanied by an adult.

Using your Smartcard

How long will my top-up last?

There is no expiry date on top-up credits.

Can I top-up by credit or debit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards. The minimum transaction is £5, otherwise a transaction fee of £0.50 will be charged.

Can I purchase tickets with a cheque?

Yes. You are able to purchase tickets using cheques at any of our ticket offices or travel centres.

I have a concession card – how does this work in the Smartcard system?

Your National Entitlement Card (NEC) is also a Smartcard that you may already be using on buses. We are working with Transport Scotland towards enabling you to also use your NEC on the Subway. In future, you should be able to use your NEC to load value and season products for Subway travel and for parking, but in the meantime simply continue to present your card to ticket office staff and you will be issued with a single or return ticket at the applicable rate.

What if I want to change my details or cancel my card?

No problem. Just call our Smartcard information number on 0845 271 0944 or 0141 333 3504, anytime between 08:30-16:45 Monday to Friday, or email us at

What happens if I lose my Smartcard?

Don’t worry. We can stop your Smartcard instantly to prevent anyone else using it and we will send you a replacement for a small fee with your existing tickets already available so you don’t lose out. Call us on 0845 271 0944 or 0141 333 3504, 08:30-16:45 Monday to Friday, or email us at

Can I use my Smartcard on other modes of transport?

Yes, you can put ScotRail Smart tickets on a Subway Personalised Smartcard* when you buy tickets online from

*Please note that you cannot put ScotRail tickets on an unregistered Subway Smartcard.

We continue to work with other transport operators to make public transport in Strathclyde as seamless as possible.

How do I contact SPT about my Smartcard?

Call us on 0845 271 0944  or 0141 333 3504, 08:30-16:45 Monday to Friday, or email us at

Can I buy Subway tickets for my ScotRail Smartcard?

Yes, you can now buy Subway tickets and Pay As You Go credit to put on to your ScotRail Smartcard. The following products are available for purchase at Subway station ticket offices and ticket machines:

  • Pay As You go Credit to a maximum of £50
  • 7-day Season Ticket
  • 28-day season ticket.
  • Parking/Park and Ride

    What’s the big deal?

    Smartcards are easy to use and offer great value. Adding parking to your Smartcard means less queues, offers more flexible ways to pay and a quicker journey around the Subway system. You can also purchase money saving season tickets up to 28 days in advance.

    What about prices?
    How can I add car parking tickets to my new Smartcard?

    A range of Park and Ride, Subway travel and parking only tickets can be added to your Smartcard at the ticket office or ticket machines within Subway stations.

    Can I park only?

    Parking Only is available; however the best value tickets include your Subway journey. Overnight parking is not available as car parks are open during Subway operating hours only.

    I have a blue parking permit, how do I park? 

    Blue badge parking bays are at each of our Park and Ride sites. These are located close to the Subway station entrances at Kelvinbridge and Bridge Street and on ground level of the multi-storey car park at Shields Road.

    How do the Smart barriers work?

    Smartcard readers are available on entry and exit barriers. Simply hold your Smartcard on the reader to enter the car park and again to exit. The total is deducted from your top up balance, or your season ticket is validated – the same process applies for Subway travel. If you do not have a Smartcard, please take a paper ticket from the entrance barrier. Take it to the ticket office or ticket machines within the Subway station and pay for your parking for that day.

    Can I change my season ticket?

    Once purchased, it is not possible to change the start date of your season ticket. For 6 and 12 month Park and Ride tickets we offer a refund on the unused portion, subject to an admin fee. Call us on 0845 271 0944 or 0141 333 3504, 08:30-16:45 Monday to Friday, or email us at

    What if I lose my Smartcard?

    Please contact the Smartcard team by calling us on 0845 271 0944 or 0141 333 3504, 08:30-16:45 Monday to Friday, or email us at Your existing card will be cancelled and a new one issued with any remaining value. We are unable to replace Anonymous Smartcards purchased in stations.

    What if I lose my parking ticket?

    Please inform staff at the station where you parked and you will be given a ticket to exit the car park. Please note there is a £3 charge for lost tickets.