Spooky Stories

Scary hand pressed against window

Glasgow is an ancient European city, so many other people lived here long before we did. Legend has it that, sometimes, people from the past come back to visit us in mysterious ways …

The Subway was built during the Victorian period. Over this time, there have been reports of strange sounds and sights from passengers and the workers who are on the system late at night when the Subway is closed.

Maybe the stories are nonsense but … maybe they’re not? Read on for some of our favourite spooky Subway tales and see what you think!

The Cat Ghost of St Enoch

A wee black cat has been seen prowling the platform at St Enoch station between the hours of midnight and 3am. Only the workmen who are down on the tracks during the night have seen it but they say it’s a nice cat. Apparently, it likes to playfully skip up and down the platform and make funny meow sounds as it does.

The Grey Lady of Shields Road

A lady, all dressed in grey, is said to walk the platform at Shields Road station. Her long, elegant dress swishes as she walks up and down, sobbing as she goes. Those who have seen her say she looks very sad indeed, and even when she’s not about, footsteps, whispering and crying noises can be heard all around. During the 1960’s, some workmen claimed that they heard strange noises and lights began to flicker as they were fixing the track one night – yikes!

Ghostly woman in tunnel

The St Enoch Poltergeist

After the Second World War Glasgow was heavily bombed, especially the city centre. This meant that the areas surrounding two of the main Subway stations faced lots of damage and destruction. After repairs and rebuilding were finished, people started to notice spooky goings on. Objects would vibrate, move around and even levitate. Strange sounds could be heard, too. Weirdest of all, a grey-green substance would ooze from the walls or a corner of a room – eeeew! One lady even said she was knocked off her feet but no one was around. And during a meeting in the ticket office one day, a man stood up to find his shoe laces tied together!

The Beautiful Lady of Hillhead

For many years people have reported sightings of a mysterious and beautiful lady on the platform at Hillhead station. She’s said to be wearing a very beautiful evening gown and once, in the 1990’s – so not all that long ago – she was heard singing at the top of her voice. She’s also been heard laughing, too. The Beautiful Lady is probably the friendliest of all the Subway ghosts!

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