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The Partnership consists of twenty elected members representing the twelve constituent authorities in the West of Scotland and between seven and nine appointed members.

For Partnership or committee enquiries, please telephone 0141 333 3130.

Members’ expenses

SPT is committed to promoting openness and transparency. To that end, we publish Members’ expenses on this website.

For further information please read our Member Allowance & Expense Guidance or Scottish Goverment’s guidance on Councillors’ renumeration: salary, allowances and expenses, on which SPT’s guidance is based.

Document Name Format Date

SPT Members’ expenses 2017/18

Period covering Tax Year 2017/18.

PDF (26.3kb) 18/08/2017

SPT Members’ expenses 2016/17

Period covering Tax Year 2016/17.

PDF (61kb) 26/04/2017

SPT Members’ expenses 2015/16

Period covering Tax Year 2015/16.

PDF (25kb) 24/05/16

SPT Members’ expenses 2014/15

Period covering Tax Year 2014/15.

PDF (152kb) 08/06/15

SPT Members’ expenses 2013/14

Period covering Tax Year 2013/14.

PDF (22kb) 22/03/14

SPT Members’ expenses 2012/13

Period covering Tax Year 2012/13.

PDF (26kb) 16/05/13

SPT Members’ expenses 2011/12

Period covering Tax Year 2011/12.

PDF (36kb) 01/06/12

SPT Members’ expenses 2010/11

Period covering Tax Year 2010/11.

PDF (9kb) 01/06/11

SPT Members’ expenses 2009/10

Period covering Tax Year 2009/10.

PDF (10kb) 01/06/10
Register of gifts and hospitality received
Document Name Format Date

Schedule of gifts and hospitality


PDF (44kb) 19/10/16

Schedule of gifts and hospitality


PDF (25kb) 19/10/16

Schedule of gifts and hospitality


PDF (28kb) 11/12/14

Schedule of gifts and hospitality


PDF (28kb) 31/07/13

Schedule of gifts and hospitality


PDF (28kb) 31/07/13

Schedule of gifts and hospitality


PDF (26kb) 01/06/12