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Statement of efficiency gains 2013/14

Statement of efficiency gains 2013/14

Period covering 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014

The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 requires SPT to publish an efficiency statement after the end of each financial year. This statement identifies the steps taken by SPT during that financial year:

  • to promote and increase sustainable growth through the exercise of its functions; and
  • to improve efficiency, effectiveness and economy in the delivery of its functions.

The relevant efficiency statement for SPT for the year ending 31 March 2014 is set out below.

The Act also requires SPT to provide details on the current level of shared services provided by the public body. During the year SPT has:

  • delivered on behalf of 11 local authorities school transport planning, delivery and monitoring of services ensuring that approximately 40,000 journeys a day were undertaken, transporting children to and from school;
  • delivered the management and maintenance of bus stops and shelters for 12 local authorities;
  • managed and monitored the Strathclyde Concession Scheme on behalf of 12 local authorities; and
  • participated in the Clyde Valley shared services initiative.


Statement of Efficiency

Theme Description of efficiency measure identified to be delivered Anticipated saving Impact on service delivery and performance / other information
Workforce Planning Revise staffing levels. £1,741,000 Obtain staff savings from revised structures, terms and conditions and staffing levels across the organisation.
Procurement/Energy Efficiency Electricity. £182,000 Obtain savings from participation in collaborative contractual arrangements (Scotland Excel) and from implementation of various energy saving initiatives.
Procurement Management of subsidised bus contracts. £1,230,000 Maintain subsidised bus services in SPT area whilst achieving efficiencies through procurement and management of contracts.
Procurement Various efficiency savings on external communications contracts. £153,000 Obtain savings from review of external communications contracts.
Other Increased Subway fare income. £1,564,000 Increase patronage and income through strengthened customer service focus and ongoing investment programme (Subway modernisation) e.g. installation of smart card ticketing system.
Other Increase interest earned on cash balances. £321,000 Obtain greater return on interest earned whilst maintaining priorities of security and liquidity on capital sums.
Asset Management Increased rental income returns. £65,000 Maximise utilisation of estate, ensuring increased rental income returns.
TOTAL £5,256,0000