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Annual statement on sustainable economic growth for 2011/12

The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, section 32(1)(a) requires listed public bodies to publish a statement on sustainable economic growth as soon as possible after the end of the financial year.

The following statement sets out the steps that Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has taken in 2011/12 to promote and increase sustainable growth through the exercise of its functions. Further information on this and our activities is contained in our annual report 2011/12 (PDF).


Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) was established by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 which created Scotland’s seven Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs). SPT’s role involves planning and delivering transport solutions for all modes of transport across the region, in conjunction with our constituent councils and industry partners.

Sustainable economic growth and contribution to the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework

SPT, together with its partner organisations, contributes to sustainable economic growth by planning and delivering regional transport improvements, and through the operation and support of transport services. The regional economy is directly supported by SPT’s on-going investment and expenditure programme. This programme spans all modes of travel. It seeks to improve connectivity, accessibility, reduce emissions and provide attractive, seamless and reliable travel. These are key elements of sustainable economic development.

Our Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) and delivery plan, approved by Scottish Ministers, is a key statutory activity for SPT which sets out when and how transport projects and proposals are to be delivered. SPT works closely with its constituent councils and Transport Scotland to ensure that transport policy and programmes in Strathclyde are properly co-ordinated efficiently delivered and focused on contributing to sustainable economic growth.

In 2011/12 we invested over £25 million in regional transport infrastructure improvements. This included over £6 million on the initial phases of Subway Modernisation and £4.1 million on the redevelopment of Hamilton Bus Station and Interchange, supporting employment opportunities within the construction industry during construction, enhancing the attractiveness of public transport to encourage modal shift and improving access to jobs and services.

In terms of operation of transport services we provided over £41 million of direct support for transport services in 2011/12. This included over £10 million of support from SPT to join up communities by subsidising local bus services in areas not served by the commercial bus market, an increasing challenge in the current economic climate.

SPT’s Subway service in particular carries over 13 million passengers per annum and our bus stations facilitate over approximately 16 million passenger departures per annum, providing vital access to employment, education, services and key retail centres.

For each of our twelve Community Planning Partnerships (CPP’s), SPT prepares Transport Outcome Reports (TORS). These detail our investment in transport improvements in these areas and demonstrate alignment with the local outcomes of each of our CPP’s, and the Scottish Government’s national outcomes.

In terms of SPT’s own staff training and development policies, these result in a highly trained and professional workforce which is ideally placed to meet the future needs of the economy.

In addition to the above we have contributed to the national performance framework by implementing a number of measures to reduce our impact on the environment. SPT is statutorily obliged to reduce transport related carbon emissions through inclusion of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. A commitment has been made to reduce emissions through investment in new technologies and by increasing energy efficiency.