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Award of contracts approved

SPT’s S&P Committee has approved two awards of contract for the supply of Subway contract furniture components and for banking services.

The Committee has awarded the contract for the supply of track furniture components to Pandrol UK Ltd. The track furniture is a vital part of the Subway operation, as it is the infrastructure that the trains operate on.

As part of the Subway modernisation in the late 1970s, track furniture components were designed by Pandrol UK Ltd.  From that time, the company has continued to work with SPT to improve baseplate design and address any maintenance issues.

The contract for the provision of track furniture components is for eight years, with an option to break after four years.  The contract is fixed at a cost of £563,120 for the first four years.

The second contract awarded was for banking services and merchant services.  The core banking services covers all of SPT’s operational banking needs so the organisation can process and receive financial transactions on a daily basis.

The merchant services enables SPT to process credit and debit card transactions, the majority of which are through the Subway.

The S&P Committee approved the award of contract for banking services and merchant services to Bank of Scotland.

The banking service contract was awarded at a cost of £91,035. The merchant services contract was awarded at a cost of £422,633 both over five years.