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Prizes for Playscheme Travelpass winners

Opportunities for children to travel and enjoy fun activities in their area during school holidays.

SPT’s Playscheme project, delivered on behalf of the West of Scotland Playscheme Advisory Forum and travel operators in the Strathclyde area, has completed yet another successful year.

SPT works with the Playscheme advisory forum to offer children and Playscheme staff free travel during the Easter, summer and autumn school holidays on participating transport operators’ services in their local area.

The scheme is invaluable to some of the children as it gives them their first opportunity to travel to the seaside, and visit local attractions they wouldn’t otherwise get to visit.

The Playscheme Travelpass consists of the standard Travelpass which allows two adults and between four and eight children to travel.  The Argyll and Bute pass offers the same but is specific to that area; and the Freedom pass allows children who have additional support needs to travel with up to three adults including two journeys a year on Calmac Ferries with a vehicle.

Each year, the Playscheme project culminates in a conference held in Drymen, where the Advisory Forum is based.  The conference ends with an award ceremony for Playscheme children who have taken part in the annual design competition to find new artwork for the SPT Travelpass.

The competition is open to all children in more than 350 playschemes across Strathclyde who come up with new designs for the Argyll and Bute pass; Freedom pass; and the Playscheme Travelpass during the summer holidays.

Each year has a different theme. This year the theme was The Show Must Go On, especially chosen in memory of Margaret Gibb, who first started the West of Scotland Playscheme Advisory forum, to help kids in her local area of Bellshill who had nowhere to go during the school holidays many years ago. Margaret sadly passed away last year but the West of Scotland Advisory Forum continues all the good work she started.

The winners this year are:

Bailey Neilson – Age 9 – Argyll & Bute pass winner

Finlay Hunter – Age 7 – Freedom pass winner

Rebecca McInroy – Age 12 – Playscheme pass winner

All three winning entries were presented with framed copies of their design which will now feature on SPT travel passes.

ZoneCard Team Leader Nigel Jenkins said:

“The impact that the Playscheme Travelpass can have on kids and communities really can’t be underestimated.  Every year, we attend the conference and hear stories about children who, thanks to Travelpass, get to experience walking on sand for the first time because their playgroup is able to take them away for the day to the seaside.

“It also gives many children the opportunity to travel on a bus and a train and see how a journey links up travelling from home to somewhere else.  This has a tremendous influence on future behaviour, and public transport becomes something the kids identify with a fun activity.”

Chair of the West of Scotland Playscheme Advisory Forum Gail Fleming said:

“We are delighted to be part of the Playscheme project with SPT.  It is always a worthwhile project and the children really look forward to the design Travelpass competition.

“The Travelpass is a brilliant scheme which means playscheme groups across Strathclyde signed up to the project have the same opportunities to get out and about during school holidays to places and experiences that many of these children simply wouldn’t have otherwise.

“This is a vital community service it gives children a safe place to go where they can learn and socialise.  It’s also a lifeline for many parents who maybe aren’t able to afford childcare during holiday periods.”