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Circles under the Clyde photographer visits Broomloan

Rail enthusiast and highly regarded transport photographer Raymond De Groote from Chicago paid a visit to the Broomloan Deport during a tour of the UK recently.

Mr De Groote took the photograph of the original Subway train in 1955 which was used on the cover of Circles Under the Clyde by Ian MacLean and the late John Wright.

Accompanied by Secretary of the Scottish Tramway and Transport Society, Hugh McAuley, Mr De Groote visited the Broomloan offices and received a tour of the depot by Shift Service Delivery Manager Gerry Bowie.

Now aged 85, Mr De Goote still travels to see transport projects around the world once or twice a year.

He said:  “I’ve been a rail enthusiast since I was seven years old.  My last ride on the Glasgow Subway was in 2007 and before that in 1955!  This has been a great trip to see the Subway depot and see what happens behind the scenes and how all works.

“Getting to see the carriages lifted and moved within the depot was very good.  And I’m impressed at how much new equipment and new infrastructure you have planned for the future.”