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Better buses for Inverclyde

The Inverclyde Statutory Quality Partnership is now effective – meaning a guarantee of higher quality bus services for the people of Inverclyde.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) and member council Inverclyde have worked closely over recent years in drawing up a comprehensive, binding agreement on minimum standards for the provision of bus services. SPT and Inverclyde Council together with Transport Scotland and local operators are all a party to the terms of the SQP.

This joint commitment broadly aims to encourage use of public transport; provide a better standard for vehicles; reduce emissions; improve access to bus routes and timetable information and improve safety and security for passengers.

Councillor David Wilson, SPT elected member for Inverclyde said:

“I’m delighted that by working together, the SQP has reached this final stage and is set to launch this weekend.

“Many significant enhancements – including improved facilities at both Greenock and Port Glasgow bus stations; Gourock interchange and better access for buses along main corridors – mean that the travelling public of Inverclyde will feel the benefit of better quality bus services.”

The Inverclyde SQP will cover Port Glasgow, Greenock, Gourock main bus corridors; Greenock town centre to A78 boundary and Greenock and Port Glasgow bus stations.

Operators wishing to offer services in the area must now meet the specified SQP criteria in order to do so. The agreement also includes the commitment of both SPT and Inverclyde Council to ensure relevant infrastructure and traffic management measures are maintained in order to support better quality bus services.

SPT Director of Bus Operations Ronnie Park said:

“The Inverclyde SQP represents an on-going commitment between SPT, Inverclyde Council and operators in the area to provide better quality services to the travelling public.

“SPT currently has highly-effective SQP agreements with three of our other member councils and our ultimate aim is to establish more of these. I’m delighted that Inverclyde now has a fully operational SQP and I’m confident that this will have an incredibly positive impact for the local community.”

Since 2008, SPT has invested £3.2 million in bus infrastructure, bus stations and A8 and A78 corridors. Inverclyde Council have also delivered a range of enhancements and improved facilities at local bus hubs, Gourock interchange and better access for buses along main corridors.

Vice Convener of Environment, Councillor Gerry Dorrian, said: “Public transport is a vital service within our communities so the SQP with its wide ranging list of minimum standards will result in significant improvements in the bus service around Inverclyde.

“This improved service will have a hugely positive impact on the towns and villages of Inverclyde and residents may be more inclined to switch from travelling by car to bus.”

The Inverclyde SQP will continue for the next five years.