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Essential component renovation for Subway cars

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has committed just over £500,000 for the renovation of essential technical elements of 41 Subway cars (33 power cars and eight trailer cars) during the next two years.

The investment will ensure reliable Subway operation until new state of the art rolling stock and signalling system is introduced as part of the overall modernisation of the system.

SPT’s Partnership approved the contracts awarded for – train traction motors to Brush Traction at a value of up to £237,860 and the overhaul of camshaft controllers to Holbro Engineering at a value of £263,092.

SPT Chief Executive Gordon Maclennan said:
“Specific components such as the traction motors and camshaft controllers require specialist engineering contractors. It is important that we get the best out of our existing Subway cars – which are well over 30 years old – to ensure the continued reliability of the system until newer trains and signalling are brought in over the next few years.”

A traction motor is used to drive electrically powered rail vehicles. There are four motors per Subway power car, one on each axle. Motor bearings which are an essential component in the traction motor mechanism require replacing in order to continue to supply traction power to the Subway cars.

There are two camshaft controllers in each power car, 68 in total (including two kept as back up). The camshafts act as an electrical gearbox which enable the train driver to control the Subway car’s movement.

The work will commence summer 2015.

Brush Traction and Holbro Engineering were chosen following a competitive tendering exercise.