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St Enoch Subway Station Works Push Ahead

The extensive overhaul of St Enoch station continues to make good progress, with works approaching the final stages.

The lift shaft for the Outer circle has now been installed with work to the Inner circle lift shaft now underway. These lifts will provide access from the concourse to platforms. A further lift is due to be installed at the South entrance to provided access from ground level to the concourse.

The reconfiguration of the south entrance stairwell is advancing too and foundations for a second steel canopy are being laid concurrently with these works. Once complete, this entrance to the station will sport an identical steel and glass structure to that of the north entrance.

New paving has been laid around the north entrance and will be extended around the south once the canopy is in place. The dramatic works carried out at St Enoch means that passengers can make use of a more modern and accessible station as well as significantly enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the public space in St Enoch Square and the surrounding area. Read up on previous St Enoch updates here: