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SPT approves investment of more than £78 million into transport in the West of Scotland

At a meeting on Friday 13 February, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport approved its Capital Programme and Budget for 2015/16.

The Partnership approved £78 million investment into 112 transport improvement projects across the region, including funding for 79 projects to be delivered by SPT’s local authority partners. This funding comes from capital grant from the Scottish Government, European Regional Development Funding and grants awarded for specific projects.

This capital investment is over and above the revenue budget used to deliver vital public transport services for the benefit of communities across West of Scotland, including maintaining bus stops and stations, awarding subsidised bus contracts, delivering MyBus and running the Subway.

Included in this will be funding for the modernisation of three more Subway Stations – Buchanan, Kelvinbridge and Govan– and a contribution to the procurement of new bespoke trains, new automated signalling, control room and associated system improvements such as platform screen doors.

Capital spend in 2015/16 also includes funding to conclude the Fastlink route running from Govan to the new South Glasgow Hospitals, work that is expected to commence soon after the turn of the financial year.

In addition SPT will be delivering improved bus infrastructure, continued investment in park and ride, enhancing bus corridor projects, walking and cycling improvements, and implementing traffic management measures in a number of local authority areas.

SPT Chair, Councillor Jim Coleman said:

“This is a significant investment in our transport network and the projects identified will not only deliver new innovative solutions but will also ensure that the existing network continues to operate effectively, benefiting everyone who travels within and across Strathclyde.

“In addition to the major work underway to modernise the Subway and introduce Fastlink infrastructure, we want all public transport and active travel options, like cycling and walking, to be more attractive and convenient for people. We want more connectivity between the different modes of public transport  and we want to reduce the number, and length of, car journeys. We think this programme of spending reflects our commitment to achieving all of these goals.”

The projects in the capital programme were identified through SPT’s Regional Transport Strategy delivery plan, and on-going transport analysis and working in partnerships with the local authorities and community planning partnerships.  The proposals were assessed taking into consideration how it would support the achievement of SPT’s strategic priorities, as well as deliverability and affordability.

For further information, please contact SPT Communications 0141-333 3397/3152

Notes to editors

  1. SPT is at the centre of the region’s transport planning. This includes integrating transport across road, rail, freight, ferry, cycling and walking. To indicate how SPT intends to do this, it is required to develop a Regional Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan. This strategy and delivery plan forms the basis for the Capital programme.
  2. The Regional Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan are developed through analysis of the travel needs of residents, visitors and business across all modes of transport and through partnership working with organisations central to the planning and delivery of transport. These organisations include, partner councils, Transport Scotland, public transport operators, Network Rail, Strategic Development Planning Authorities, Freight Transport Association, Scottish Enterprise, the Mobility and Access Committee Scotland, Scottish Accessible Transport Association and many others.
  3. The 2015/16 Capital Programme totals £78,441,000 investment. Capital funding comes from the Scottish Government general capital allocation, European Regional Development Funding, specific grant funding for projects, including Subway Modernisation and Fastlink, SPT revenue contribution and other specific grant funding and borrowing.
  4. SPT is working with Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire Council and West Dunbartonshire Council to ensure that it is aligning capital investment plans with proposed City Deal investment into Transport in the Clyde Valley area.
  5. SPT also presented its initial proposals for investment over 2016/17 and 2017/18, which totalled more than £157 million. This investment is subject to securing funding.
  6. The SPT Regional Transport Strategy can be accessed via the SPT Corporate website at
  7. Full details on the Capital Programme can be found at: