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annual report

SPT Annual Report 2013/14 online now

Transport is integral to the prosperity, health and well-being of communities in Scotland. SPT produces an Annual Report to evidence its contribution towards sustainable economic development across the region and to inform stakeholders and the public about performance against key objectives.

The Annual Report sets out achievements and progress towards meeting the outcomes of ‘A Catalyst for Change’ – the Regional Transport Strategy 2008-2021 and the work delivered with partners in the last year.

It provides an insight into the work SPT does across the 12 local authority member areas and how, through working in partnership, SPT is able to achieve better outcomes for everyone living in and visiting Strathclyde.

SPT Annual Report 2013/14

In addition to Annual Reports, SPT produces Transport Outcome Reports, which provide a breakdown of what has been delivered in each local authority area. These demonstrate SPT’s commitment as a Community Planning Partner, show its contribution to the Single Outcome Agreements and document key service priorities for each local authority area.

In addition to these documents, SPT will continue to provide a full table of regional transport trends.