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The Barras Glasgow

SPT invests £70,000 in Glasgow’s East End

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) is to spend £70 000 on improving traffic conditions in one of Glasgow’s most significant areas.

The Calton area of Glasgow and its historic Barras market will benefit from the development of an improved bus facility on London Road between Charlotte Street and Ross Street.

SPT Chair George Redmond said:

“This money is particularly important to help ease road conditions for both buses, vehicles and pedestrians in a part of the East End identified as desperately in need of redevelopment.

“Both the Barras Market and the new Emirates Arena are already attracting large numbers of visitors to the area. With the Commonwealth Games looming, it’s essential that we ease traffic flow and encourage visitors to this historic part of the city. I’m delighted that we are working with Glasgow City Council to deliver that.”

The investment, which was agreed by SPT’s Strategy and Programmes Committee on Friday (16 November) and will further enhance the wider regeneration of the area, which will be a gateway to Commonwealth Games venues. Improvement works are due to be in place by 2014.

Glasgow City Council recently announced a five-year action plan to regenerate the area with a multi-million pound investment over the next 15 years.