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SPT to fund more park and rides in North Lanarkshire

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has committed £1.3million to new transport projects in the North Lanarkshire area.

Members of SPT’s Strategy & Programmes Committee today (Friday 27 January) agreed to fund two Park and Ride facilities in Motherwell and another one in Shotts.

Chair of SPT’s Strategy & Programmes Committee David Fagan said: “I am absolutely delighted that SPT has agreed to commit this significant amount of money to build vital transport facilities in North Lanarkshire.

“SPT continues to deliver strategic transport solutions by working closely with our member councils and as a result Park and Ride schemes, such as those recently completed in Bellshill and Croy, have been hugely successful across the region.

“The locations identified in Motherwell and Shotts will help build the transport network in years to come. I’m confident they will also be a real boost to the local economy by improving access to further education, employment and healthcare.”
SPT has awarded grant funding totalling £740,000 to North Lanarkshire Council to build two Park and Rides at Motherwell railway station.

The car parks will be developed on either side of the rail track with one in Elm Street holding 128 spaces and the other in St Vincent Place accommodating 64 vehicles.

The committee also agreed to further fund a £70,000 upgrade of the Motherwell Station forecourt to tie in with North Lanarkshire Council’s town centre public realm works.

Work is due to start in the forecourt of the station in the next few weeks.

Improvements will include an upgrade of the current bus shelter, the erection of fencing around the perimeter of the forecourt and new road surfacing to bring it in line with the rest of the town centre.

Station lighting and the CCTV network will also be enhanced while some of the money will be used by Scotrail to improve the facade and main entrance of Motherwell railway station.

SPT will also grant fund the council £482,000 for a Park and Ride facility at Shotts Railway Station. This will provide 160 car park spaces.