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Drivers saving thousands with SPT Journeyshare

In 1999 the cost of petrol was a mere 70p per litre and some lucky drivers are still paying this price or less, 12 years on.

As the price of fuel escalates car drivers across the country are looking at ways to reduce what they spend at the pumps.

Many have found they are saving thousands by signing up to Strathclyde Partnership for Transport’s free JourneyShare scheme.

SPT JourneyShare is one of the fastest growing car sharing schemes in Scotland with over 3,000 registered users.

Liftshare Week, which runs from October 3-7, is hoping to encourage the 67 per cent of people in Scotland who travel to work by car to share journeys.

SPT Chair Jonathan Findlay said: “It is great to see so many people saving so much money by registering with SPT’s JourneyShare scheme.

“It is easy to join and free to use.

“Travelling by car is costing drivers more and more and the current economic climate doesn’t help.

“By linking up and sharing the cost, people will save money as well as help the environment and make new friends.”

The benefits of SPT JourneyShare include saving money – the average car sharer can save £800 per annum through paying less in fuel costs, reduced car mileage, wear and tear on their vehicle and an extended lifespan of tyres.

Environmental benefits include a cut in carbon emissions and reduced car parking congestion which can help companies meet carbon reduction targets.

Those who car share will get a regular break from driving as each sharer takes a turn to drive to work.

Car sharing can also be a fun way to meet new people and it can be as flexible as you want it to be as you don’t have to car share every day.

For more information on car sharing visit the SPT JourneyShare website.