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SPT agrees £5.5 million for Hamilton Bus Station and Interchange Upgrade

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport today (Friday 19 August) approved the delivery of the second phase of a £5.5m upgrade at Hamilton Bus Station and Interchange.

When completed next year the project will deliver modern passenger facilities for the bus station’s three million plus customers and improved interchange with the rail station and taxi services.

The redevelopment is being provided through a joint initiative with SPT and South Lanarkshire Council, which has also committed £500,000 of funding.

SPT Vice Chair Denis McKenna said: “This is a huge investment for the area and it’s great news that construction of this vital interchange is on its way.

“The three million passengers who use the bus station can now look forward to state-of-the-art facilities as well as improved links to other transport services.

“Although SPT has championed the overhaul for some time, the project has been a collaborative approach with South Lanarkshire Council and we look forward to our continued partnership working and the delivery of a fantastic transport legacy for Hamilton, Lanarkshire and the wider Strathclyde area.”

A brand new station building including the Travel Centre, a ticket office, a waiting room and passenger toilets will be at the core of the new-look station.

Also included in the layout are 14 stances for local bus services and three separate tour coach stances.

Covered walkways will link the new building to these areas which will allow for integration with nearby rail, bus and taxi services to enable travellers to join up journeys by public transport.

Large information screens will be installed at each stance throughout the station and waiting areas will be enclosed and fitted with automatic doors to provide greater comfort for passengers.

The council will be responsible for the day to day management of the project with expected minimum disruption to passengers and local neighbours.

Colin McDowall, Executive Director of Enterprise Resources at South Lanarkshire Council, said: “The council is delighted that the Hamilton Bus Station Project can now be delivered and we will continue to work in partnership with SPT to provide a modern, purpose-built facility for the people of Hamilton and beyond.

“The Bus Station provides a vital transport link and the redevelopment will bring significant benefits to both the town and the surrounding areas.”

Building work at the site will start in October and throughout the construction process customers/passengers will be able to use temporary bus stances in Brandon Street, to the west of the existing bus station, and coaches will be redirected to the old MFI car park.

Once completed the new design will keep bus movements separate from general traffic in this part of Hamilton and will provide infrastructure that supports commercial and subsidised bus services for areas in and around Hamilton, Lanarkshire and the wider Strathclyde area.

Full planning permission has been granted.