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Home at last!

Travellers using Partick Interchange will see a new face on the station concourse – the G I Bride has finally made it back to her beloved Partick.

The bronze sculpture was created by artist Ranald MacColl. It was commissioned to mark the regeneration of Partick as an important interchange station by Scottish Arts scene supporter, Colin Beattie, in partnership with SPT.

The G I Bride was a character in the Evening Times Lobey Dosser cartoon strip that first appeared in 1947. It was the creation of cartoonist Bud Neill to reflect many Scots who emigrated to the USA in search of a life after World War 2.

The Lobey Dosser cartoon strip was set in the fictional town of Calton Creek in the Arizona desert. The town was inhabited solely by Glasgow emigrants and the G I Bride made occasional appearances in the Lobby Dosser adventures.

Not every G I Bride’s new life and home in America worked out as expected and many returned home disillusioned.

The sculpture shows a wee woman with a baby under one arm and a large US Army issue duffle bag at her feet. Her other arm is raised as she tries to hitch a lift home.

It’s not clear if the G I Bride hitch hiked all the way back to Partick, but her determination is clear to see. The new bronze sculpture is a companion piece to the existing Lobey Dosser/Rank Bajin statue on Woodlands Road.