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Beat the petrol price hike with JourneyShare

Petrol price have hit a new record high after recent rises in VAT and fuel duty, but commuters can still beat the hike and save around £800 a year with JourneyShare.

The SPT-sponsored car sharing scheme allows those registered to match trips with others travelling the same journey. It can reduce journey costs and also help cut congestion and pollution.

Research has shown that users on average save £800 each year, but those who manage to fill all their spare seats can often save in excess of £2,000.

With petrol prices already 14% up on this time last year, a JourneyShare New Year’s resolution could stop drivers being out of pocket.

SPT’s JourneyShare scheme already has almost 3,000 members from all over the west of Scotland with a large variety of routes and destinations on offer.

Those who have already taken advantage of the skills on offer from SPT include the University of Glasgow, Glasgow Airport, Langside College, Braehead Shopping and Leisure Centre plus all NHS boards and a number of local councils.

SPT Travel Plan Officer Clare Strain said: “SPT’s JourneyShare is not only easy to join, but completely free to use. Car transport is becoming increasingly expensive and the current economic climate doesn’t help.

“By linking up and sharing the cost, people can save money as well as help the environment and make new friends. Why not make it your New Year’s resolution?”

SPT can also advise businesses, educational establishments or any other organisations wishing to develop their own journey sharing schemes.

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