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Renfrewshire Council sets green travel example

Renfrewshire Council is leading the way in making JourneyShare even more attractive to its staff.

As a show of the council’s commitment to the scheme it has set aside 25 parking spaces at Renfrewshire House, its Paisley headquarters, for staff who share a car to work.

By giving parking privileges to JourneyShare members, council bosses hope even more employees will travel together, reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint and saving money for staff.

The SPT JourneyShare scheme was launched in February 2009 and Renfrewshire Council was among the first local authorities to join. SPT assisted it with funding to set up its own in-house car sharing scheme, which is easily accessed through the council’s intranet site.

Council employees simply click on a link which records their journey details and then emails them with colleagues who have registered for matching journeys. In addition to teaming up for car journeys, employees can also register to join colleagues in walking or cycling to work.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Renfrewshire Council’s representative on SPT, said: “The scheme has proved to be very popular. The council showed its backing by setting aside 25 parking spaces at our Renfrewshire House HQ for staff who share a car to work. Those spaces are fully occupied.

“In addition, over 160 staff have registered details of their routes to work and a good proportion of those have made arrangements for regular car sharing. More and more people are seeing the environmental and transport benefits of car sharing.”

Shona Seymour, Travel Plan Officer at SPT, said: “We’re thrilled that Renfrewshire Council has introduced priority parking for JourneyShare members and we hope other councils and businesses will follow their example.

“Sharing a car to work is already an attractive prospect with many health, environmental and cost benefits. By eliminating parking stress our partners at Renfrewshire Council will encourage even more people to give JourneyShare a try, enhancing the lives of their staff.”

Research by the Department for Transport has shown that commuters who car share in London save an average of £1,000 a year compared to driving alone.

In addition to the in-house JourneyShare sites created for councils and businesses, SPT also has a regional site that anyone can join. To register or find our more visit