Membership of the Network


Any community transport organisation who wants to apply for community transport funding from SPT or tender for transport contract work on behalf of SPT must be a member of the Network.

Membership Levels

Membership of the West of Scotland Community Transport Network is available to Community Transport Operators in two tiers:

Basic Membership – community transport operator’s which are working towards full compliance with the Quality Framework.

Full Membership – community transport operator’s who can supply evidence and prove compliance with the standards relevant to their category contained within the framework. These operators will be awarded accredited status.

Assessment Process

CT operators require to complete an application form and will be asked to submit relevant documentation as outlined in the Quality Framework.

On receipt of the application and the relevant documentation being in order an assessment visit and vehicle inspection will be arranged. The assessment visit will be undertaken by SPT to gather the evidence outlined in the framework.


For CT operators that meet the required standards for Full Membership, accreditation is awarded annually for 12 months.

Such organisations will be allowed to use the Networks “Accredited Operator” logo on vehicles and stationery during this period.

Support Arrangements

Support and training will be available to community transport operators experiencing difficulties in achieving or maintaining standards from SPT and members of the Network’s Steering Group.

Basic members will be offered support to enable them to reach full membership under their relevant compliance category.

How to Apply

For more information and a copy of the Quality Framework and Application Form, send an e-mail to the Network, with details of your organisation.