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National Conference

Conference Programme
Conference Delegate List
Public Social Partnerships – FAQ’s
Ready for Business – SPT Community Transport PSP Case Study 2017
CTA Scotland – State of the Sector Report 2015
What is a PSP? – Presentation by Pauline Graham
What is Community Transport? – Presentation by John MacDonald
SPT Community Transport PSP – Presentation by Graham Dunn
Edinburgh CT PSP Development – Presentation by Frank Henderson
Dumfries & Galloway CT PSP Development – Presentation by Sharon Ogilvie
The case for a National CT PSP for Scotland – Presented by Graham Dunn
Breakout Seminar 1: Contributing to outcomes in education, health & social care
     Presentation by Joan Riddell
     Presentation by Graham Johnston
Breakout Seminar 2: Growing Community Transport
     Presentation by Robert MacKenzie & Susan Dever
Breakout Seminar 3: Improving Commissioning Options
     Presentation by Robin Fallas
Breakout Seminar 4: Going beyond just getting from A to B – Transforming the lives of communities
     Presentation by June Vallance

West of Scotland Community Transport Network.

About the Network & Membership     WoSCTN – About the Network

Application for membership.                WoSCTN – Application Form

Membership application guidance      WoSCTN – Membership Guidance

Quality Framework Guide.                     WoSCTN – Quality Framework


Driver Licensing and testing



Public Social Partnership.

Capacity Building Workstream – Mapping Exercise Report CT Mapping Report

PSP Progress Report 2014
prepared for the Scottish Government                 SPT CT PSP – Case Study 2014

PSP Progress Report 2015
prepared for the Scottish Government                 SPT CT PSP – Case Study 2015