About the PSP

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The Community Transport PSP is a partnership between Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and the West of Scotland Community Transport Network and is intended to identify, design and pilot innovative transport solutions for communities. This is to be achieved through the re-design of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services with pilot projects being delivered by Community Transport Operators and by building the capacity and capability of the Community Transport Sector through the development of training, volunteering and employability opportunities.

The ability to continue to deliver socially necessary DRT services currently face significant challenges. These challenges will have to be addressed in order to ensure the continued effective, efficient delivery of services to individuals and communities in the future. It has been decided, therefore, to focus the PSP on DRT services and on the strengthening of the capacity and capability of the CT sector.

Therefore the project will focus on two key workstreams;

1. Delivery of DRT services:
This workstream will focus on the design and development of innovative transport solutions that can be tested and piloted. Input from 3rd sector Community Transport providers and service users is vital to this process and will ensure that services are able to deal with the increased demand resulting from demographic change and other factors.

2. Community Transport Capability and Capacity Growth:
This work stream will focus on mitigating an impending gap in skills provision through driver training, volunteering and employment, building the IT infrastructure to enable more efficient scheduling of community transport and mapping the capacity and capability of the Community Transport sector in the West of Scotland.