SPT reaps more praise for works in Community Transport

Social enterprise awards

We are delighted to announce that SPT has received a nomination for this year’s Social Enterprise Awards (SEA’s).

The nomination is in respect of SPT’s Community Transport Public Social Partnership (CT PSP), which launched last year.

SPT PSP Project Co-ordinator Robert MacKenzie said:

“By working closely with CT providers, SPT representatives are able to exchange knowledge and consult on best practice and the CT PSP offers the forum to do just that.

“I’m eager to see the CT PSP works continue to grow from strength to strength and an award nomination of this nature is a great boost – definitely a step in the right direction.”

There are a total of 11 National categories in the SEA’s this year and these are open to social enterprises, including specific awards that investors, corporates, public sector bodies and charities may also apply for.

SPT has been nominated in the ‘Buy Social’ – Market Builder Award. Successful candidates in this category must be a social enterprise, public sector body or private sector organisation that has demonstrably made efforts within its own organisation and remit to create more opportunities to buy from social enterprises.

The CT PSP has been met with hugely positive reaction from operators, organisations and volunteers alike. As the demand for CT continues to grow, as does the need for the sector to become more robust and resilient.

Winners are announced in November – watch this space.