Renewing your ZoneCard? Try our new-look ZoneCard site

We’ve been working to improve the look and functionality of the ZoneCard renewal online and it’s now much improved for customers. The newly designed site is much clearer and easier to use so should take less time and effort to navigate.

The new site is proving to be a great success with travellers as more and more ZoneCard holders have been using the site to renew their cards.

The convenience of being able to renew your ZoneCard online means you no longer have to queue in a shop or station, as you can renew at a time most suitable for you.  Order your ZoneCard by 3pm on Wednesday to have it posted out you in time for the following week as ZoneCards always start on Sundays.

You can renew adult and children’s ZoneCard online, with adult ZoneCards able to be renewed up to one year.

At the moment, customers will not be able to buy a brand new ZoneCard online. The online service is only for existing ZoneCard holders to renew their product.

If you’re buying a ZoneCard for the first time – you’ll need to take a passport-style photograph to a staffed ScotRail station or CityLink Ticket Office. But once you have this, you’ll be able to renew it online whenever you want to.

ZoneCard holders looking to renew their ZoneCards can do so online at: