What does Glasgow smell like to you?

City of glasgow

Did you know “Glasgow” comes in a bottle?

Seriously. The smell of Glasgow is available to buy – a 250g container costs £13.19 – and the producers describe it as the “smell of ship building and smoke blended into this industrial aroma”.

Victoria Henshaw, a town planner at Sheffield University, is concerned that cities are losing their smells.

“Smells are seen as something negative, to be banished at all costs,” she told the Guardian recently. “We’ve now become deodorised to the extent that people are developing an increasing number of allergies and environmental sensitivities. It’s much healthier to be exposed to strong smells.”

Ms Henshaw, who has been working with the Royal Academy in London on their Sensing Places exhibition, illustrated her point with one of those cans of “Glasgow”.

But does Glasgow smell of shipbuilding anymore? The city has an industrial tradition, but if you walk down Buchanan Street is it smokestacks you smell or cappuccino makers?

Or diesel?

Or Febreze?

As anyone who has ever ridden the Glasgow Subway knows, it has a very particular smell… and we’d love to hear how you would describe that.

And what, if anything, does Glasgow smell of these days?

Tweet us @GlasgowSubway your ideas of what Glasgow smells like… And we’ll recreate the best ones here.